15 September 2014 - A new director to be appointed at Islandmagee Storage

InfraStrata plc and Mutual Energy Limited, the partners in Islandmagee Storage Limited (IMSL) are pleased to announce that Anita Gardiner is to be appointed as a director of the company.

Originally from Ballymena, Anita is joining InfraStrata plc in October following nine years at BP. She will be based in Northern Ireland and manage the Islandmagee gas storage project, a role she undertook previously in her last post with BP throughout the two years they were involved in the project until January 2014.

Welcoming Anita to the team, Andrew Hindle, CEO of InfraStrata plc said:

“We are very pleased to welcome Anita Gardiner. She will be a key member of the IMSL team based in Northern Ireland at a time when the project moves into a more active period.”

Commenting on project progress, Mr Hindle continued:

“IMSL continue to make progress towards drilling a well at Islandmagee which, subject to completing funding, will be drilled in early 2015. This will be a key milestone towards making the creation of a gas storage facility a reality.”

The Islandmagee well will be drilled to a total depth of approximately 1700 metres. It will be a data gathering well which will core the Permian salt and enable the project front‐end engineering design to be completed.

Subject to being granted a ‘Consent to Drill’ by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, and IMSL completing the funding, it is planned to drill the Islandmagee well as part of the same drilling programme as InfraStrata’s Woodburn Forest oil and gas exploration well.

IMSL and InfraStrata are planning to hold public information events during November to provide further information and answer questions from the public on each of the planned wells. Information on when and where these events will be held will be advertised in advance in the local papers.

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