Stakeholder Liaison

Community Trust

A commitment has also been given by IMSL to set up a Community Trust. Upon receipt of full funding of the project (i.e. the final investment decision) the company has given a unilateral undertaking to invest £1.3 million in local community projects over a 9 year period. A portion of the funds will be set aside specifically for marine initiatives. The trustees would be representatives of the local residential and fishing communities. A dedicated Community Liaison Consultant for the Trust, Judith Tweed, has been working for some time with local residents to gather ideas for Trust support, once full funding for the project is in place. For more information please click here to email Judith (

Community Trust

Local Project Representative

There will be a local project representative present during each phase of the project and their contact details circulated to residents before construction work commences. The person can be contacted on telephone number 07795‐563879 should local residents wish to raise any issues or questions.

Community Liaison Group

The company has set up a dedicated stakeholder liaison group for the project, called the Community Liaison Group. The first meeting of the Group was held in May 2013.

The purpose of the Community Liaison Group will be to ensure that during construction and subsequent operation of the Islandmagee gas storage facility, IMSL and the community work together to minimise the impact of the facility on its neighbours. Islandmagee Storage Limited is strongly committed to working with local residents and keeping any inconvenience arising from the proposed works to the minimum possible levels. The Liaison Group will provide a forum for the company to share information about the construction activities and marine monitoring programme, as well as providing an important mechanism for reporting on the actions taken in response to feedback or issues raised by the local community and other stakeholders.

Fisheries & Marine Liaison Officer

In respect of the marine environment, the company is committed to appointing a Fisheries & Marine Liaison Officer to liaise specifically with the fishing and general marine community.

Marine Science Group

In addition there will be a Marine Science Group which will be chaired and managed by the Department of Environment. This will comprise government agencies, representatives of the fishing community, Islandmagee Storage environmental consultants and non-government organisations. Initially it will provide a forum to discuss the third party audit of the brine dispersion modelling. The group will also review the science information presented as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment, and will make recommendations or review any monitoring that might be required as part of any licence condition during the pre-construction, construction and operational period. It should be noted that the decision to grant a licence or consent remains with the Department of Environment and Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

Information Events

IMSL has consulted throughout all the initial phases of the project to date, including public consultations as part of the planning process, with the local community and will continue to meet with residents to discuss key issues in relation to the project as it develops.

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